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An out and proud... generalist.

I am particularly adept at adaptation. While I certainly possess a style of my own – witty and erudite, clear and concise – my special talent as a writer/editor is capturing the voice of an organization, supporting the brand and delivering a message in a style and manner that is truly that of the client.

I am a freelance writer/editor. Started off as a graphic designer, became a new biz AE, started independent marketing/corporate communications consultancy – a one man ad agency, essentially – and in every position functioned in a variety of capacities. Writer, creative director, client service, account management – sometimes singularly and oftentimes concurrently.

I have written for a variety of industries including commercial and residential real estate, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, non-profits and others.

Engagements have included annual reports, ideation summaries, proposals, direct mail, websites, advertising (print, radio and online), long and short form print collateral, magazine articles, scripts for recruiting and training videos.

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