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Elevating to New Heights

Dubuque Street in Iowa City runs parallel with the east bank of the Iowa River and serves as a primary north-south corridor from Interstate 80. Carrying around 25,000 vehicles a day it is, for all practical purposes, the “gateway” to the city and the University of Iowa. Mayflower Hall, located on Dubuque Street ...

AI in the Medical Office

It’s safe to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term familiar to almost everyone, but a full understanding what it is, exactly, is probably less so. The technology behind it is proceeding at a blinding pace and is undeniably complex, but the actual definition is quite simple

Passport to a Healthier Heart

Luziana Lanna found her retirement to be nearly as busy as her long career teaching English in her native Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Her days continued to be full and active, particularly in spending treasured time with her four sons and their families—especially her grandchildren.

Solution Blends Engineering and Art

Few engineering projects have achieved the perfect balance of form, function and aesthetics as the Navy Pier Flyover, the pedestrian bridge that now fully connects the north and south paths of Chicago’s Lakefront Trail. Formerly a particularly awkward and congested section of the 18.5-mile trail ...

Swan Song for Sinus Suffering

Dominique Martin was born with a song in her heart. “My mom told me I've been singing since the day I arrived,” mused Martin, who today is a middle school music teacher and busy mom of a three-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Martin, 39, of Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, also suffered from asthma and allergies that became worse following her daughter’s birth. 

One Park, Many Needs

Equitable, flexible, simple and intuitive. These are some of the principals that playground designers adhere to today in creating inclusive, natural play spaces. The new playground encourages play between children of nearly all ages and capabilities, including those with special needs.

Why Weight?

Luisa Montenegro’s story is a common one among women who struggle with their weight even years after giving birth. “I tried plenty of things, like different diets,” recalled the 29-year-old medical assistant from Chicago.

Goggles Bring Giggles

Everyone can relate to being afraid of needles and hospitals. Understandably, the countdown to orthopaedic surgery for a 10-year-old patient in Evanston created scary thoughts and anxiety.

Expert Care Delivers Something to Talk About

Randy Gladstone has led a real rock ‘n’ roll life. A drummer in the ’70s, at age 62, jam sessions continue to be an important part of his life. A couple of years ago, however, music took a back seat to Gladstone’s health.

Designing for Seniors

47 percent of American adults are members of the “sandwich generation,” people between 40 to 59 years old who care for a parent while raising a minor child – or supporting an adult one. And there are going to more. 

An Obession Drives Rick Mancuso

Steve McQueen had his Mustang, Burt Reynolds his Trans Am, and Bond his Aston Martin. Ferrari dealer Rick Mancuso has gotten just as much mileage out of his romance with the Chevy Corvette, and he was invited by the Corvette Hall of Fame to participate in the induction video for legendary race car engineers and drivers, John and Burt Greenwood.

New C-Suite Roles in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is predicted to represent 20 percent of GDP in the United States by 2025. Given the economic and societal import of that fact, and the role healthcare executives play in the well-being of the population, the successful navigation of a landscape beset by disruptors is more crucial than ever.

"Blackhawks Star Brent Seabrook Talks Giving Back"

18-year-old Brent Seabrook, new to Chicago and the Blackhawks, was playing beach volleyball and asked, “What ocean is this?” He still laughs, saying with some residual marvel, “I couldn’t even see the other side.”

"Iron Will of an Iron Man"

George Bayly cannot quit. “I can accept failure,” he says, “but I can’t accept not trying.” And for the past 30 years, he has been a triathlete—participating in numerous marathons, triathlons, 5 and 10k races, as well as three Ironman competitions.

"Focusing on the Future, Respecting the Past"

Over the course of almost 100 Felician University has grown and evolved to meet the needs of a changing society and remained relevant in a larger societal context as a Catholic institution grounded in, and guided by, Felician Franciscan principles.

"Hannah Chung Creates Toy That Empowers Diabetic Children"

Hannah Chung is the founder of Sproutel and inventor of Jerry the Bear. Jerry is a plush toy with Type I diabetes who teaches his young owners how to manage and control their own disease. By monitoring Jerry’s blood sugar levels, they manage his diabetes and educate themselves, and everyone around them.

"Artful Living"

Spacious yet intimate, perfect for a party of two or 200, local restaurateur Pamella Capitanini (Italian Village being her main claim to fame) has artfully organized her 5,500-square-foot loft—including a nearly 2,600-square-foot first floor—into rooms within a room.

“The Secret Life of Cynthia Siebert”

What do you think of when you hear “chamber music?” Four musicians in black, playing stately and somber string compositions. Oh, so dignified and oh, what a snooze. Right?

“Moorings Park at Gray Oaks”

 16-acre luxury retirement community is rising in Naples, Florida, and is implementing smart water features. Comprised of 96 garden apartment homes, a center for healthy living, and a 64-unit assisted living and memory care center, Moorings Park at Grey Oaks—which follows in the footsteps of the existing LEED Silver Moorings Park—is being spearheaded by Steve Brinkert 

"Mutual History"

Frank Galati and the Steppenwolf Theatre were both born in Highland Park and his professional and personal lives have been intertwined with both the wider Chicago theater scene and what is readily recognized as one of the leading theatrical companies in the country ever since.

"Staging a Future"

Fresh, energetic, and openly in love with the tasks at hand is an apt description of the 12 teenagers who performed in the Wilmette-based Actors Training Center’s (ATC) annual Professional Summer Intensive Showcase in mid-August.

"Reader’s Digest Turns a Page"

Tom Nehila leads a venerable American brand into a new financial future. Job titles are often vague and seldom give any real indication of what, exactly, the holder of that title does. Tom Nehila's title is the exception to the rule. 

“The Art of Dance”

Pamela Sue Fox has taught enough girls to tap, kick, pirouette, and boogaloo to turn the entire North Shore into a Busby Berkeley dance number. Up to 5,000 girls over the years, she guesses.

"Parting Words"

It started a little over six years ago as Tom Seftenberg was driving home from his office at Driehaus Capital Management to his home in Glencoe, a 19-mile commute. Just after Lakeshore Drive curved into Sheridan Road, he passed Loyola University and continued on through Rogers Park and his mind wandered. 

"How to Integrate Your Legal Department with the Business"

Louisiana–Pacific (LP). General counsel, vice president, and corporate secretary Mark Fuchs details how his bottom-line observation made his department integral in cost-containment, planning, strategy, and ultimately, a more effective partner for the entire business.

“Station to Station”

Her business card reads "Project Coordinator" for the Chicago Transit Authority, but Elizabeth "Lee" Kelly is actually a doyenne of the city's art scene. 

"There's a Passion About Logan Square"

Today, Karen Herold is known as one of Chicago's most successful commercial interior designers, but when the Amsterdam native first arrived here in 1998, she was just another aspiring talented looking for work. 

"Samba in the Garden"

Inspired by Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx, Chicago Botanic Garden designs a multisensory exploration of Brazilian culture.

"Are You Covered?"

It’s the rare couple that has a French 18th-century marble fountain in their driveway, but Reginald and Millicent Chillingsworth did. And when was damaged by a truck during a renovation Reg and Millie found out the “hard way” about insuring art, heirlooms and collectibles.

“Irreverent, Hilarious, Bizarre: Chestnut House”

It’s a challenge to describe Chestnut House, the 1884 brick Victorian in KC’s Northeast neighborhood. Here’s a start: eclectic, decay, “The Addams Family,” and Miss Havisham (if that lady had had a sense of humor).

“Curtain Rises on Renovated Theatre”

Since UMKC’s Spencer Theatre opened in 1979, technology has transformed lighting and sound from stagecraft to highly specialized technical arts. Over the years, though, the theater did not keep up with those advances and that left its home company, Kansas City Rep, in a disadvantaged position.

“Kelly Ludwig’s Outsider Obsession”

“It’s hard to pinpoint the single moment when my appreciation for this art became a mild obsession,” writes Kelly Ludwig in her book Detour Art (Kansas City Star Books, 2007). “It probably started from the get-go.”

“Electric Motorcycles Zero In on the LA Market”

No longer an intriguing toy or a curiosity for the environmentally concerned, electric motorcycles have gone mainstream in Southern California. “They’re being taken seriously as motorcycles,” says Harlan Flagg, owner of Hollywood Electrics. “They’re fun and fast, and it’s not a political or climate thing anymore. They’re just great bikes and really exciting.”

“Luxury Without Limits”

At Las Vegas Sands Corp. properties — including at the Palazzo and Venetian resorts in Las Vegas—sustainability and green practices are more than state of the art. They are constantly upgraded, innovative, and wholly invisible to guests and visitors. “The technology of sustainability has progressed so much that we don’t need to compromise luxury,” says Katarina Tesarova, Sands’ vice president of sustainability.

“The Future Will be Televised”

A Web series starring Ty Pennington of Extreme Home Makeover and architect Mike Rosen is documenting the demolition of an outdated and inefficient house in Florida and the building of its replacement, an environmentally sensitive and technologically state-of-the-art green home. The project, called the First to the Future Home, is a collaboration between Rosen, NextGen Home TV, and Martin Architectural Group.

“Greg & Charlot Malin”

Starting with one home in 2000, Greg Malin and Charlot Malin have become leaders in developing sustainable homes that combine contemporary design with health and wellness. At the helm of Troon Pacific, Greg, the CEO, and Charlot, the COO and director of design, create homes that incorporate green technologies and passive design. Priced between three and thirty million dollars and regularly awarded LEED Platinum certification,

“Where Building and Biomedical Sciences Meet”

At the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building on the University of Iowa campus, researchers soon will be studying the causes, prevention, and treatment of diabetes and obesity. Which means the building itself has to be similarly healthy.