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Station to Station

Her business card reads "Project Coordinator" for the Chicago Transit Authority, but Elizabeth "Lee" Kelly is actually a doyenne of the city's art scene. 

“The Secret Life of Cynthia Siebert”

What do you think of when you hear “chamber music?” Four musicians in black, playing stately and somber string compositions. Oh, so dignified and oh, what a snooze. Right?

Are You Covered?

It’s the rare couple that has a French 18th-century marble fountain in their driveway, but Reginald and Millicent Chillingsworth did. And when was damaged by a truck during a renovation Reg and Millie found out the “hard way” about insuring art, heirlooms and collectibles.

“Curtain Rises on Renovated Spencer Theatre”

Since UMKC’s Spencer Theatre opened in 1979, technology has transformed lighting and sound from stagecraft to highly specialized technical arts.

"Kelly Ludwig’s Outsider Obsession”

“It’s hard to pinpoint the single moment when my appreciation for this art became a mild obsession,” writes Kelly Ludwig in her book Detour Art (Kansas City Star Books, 2007). “It probably started from the get-go.”

"Mutual History"

Frank Galati and the Steppenwolf Theatre were both born in Highland Park, and his professional and personal lives have been intertwined with both the wider Chicago theater scene and what is readily recognized as one of the leading theatrical companies in the country ever since.

Staging a Future

Fresh, energetic, and openly in love with the tasks at hand is an apt description of the 12 teenagers who performed in the Wilmette-based Actors Training Center’s (ATC) annual Professional Summer Intensive Showcase in mid-August.

"Samba in the Garden"

Inspired by Brazilian landscape designer Roberto Burle Marx, Chicago Botanic Garden designs a multisensory exploration of Brazilian culture.

Art of the Dance

Pamela Sue Fox has taught enough girls to tap, kick, pirouette, and boogaloo to turn the entire North Shore into a Busby Berkeley dance number. Up to 5,000 girls over the years, she guesses..

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