AI in the Medical Office

It’s safe to say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term familiar to almost everyone, but a full understanding what it is, exactly, is probably less so. The technology behind it is proceeding at a blinding pace and is undeniably complex, but the actual definition is quite simple.

AI Invades Real Estate

AI is developing at an almost blinding speed, and its increasingly complex predictive capabilities are being nurtured and utilized by a wide variety of businesses and industries with an eye on its potential for profit. A 2017 Forrester report predicts that over the next 10 years AI will create 15 million new jobs in the US alone.

"Sabre’s IPO Story"

Very few people have their elevator speech down pat like Sterling Miller, general counsel of Sabre Corporation in Dallas. “I am in charge of all things legal and compliance-related for a $3 billion technology company—that’s my pitch,” Miller says. Although on the surface it’s true, it belies the full extent of his responsibilities.

"Big Data Improves Health in a Big Way"

Big data is playing a big part in our health and wellness. But what is “big data” anyway, and what does it have to do with your healthcare?

"Navigating Information Technology Risk Over the Horizon"

Cyber theft and incidents of breached security have risen dramatically in scale and frequency, and very publicly. Companies – and their customers, partners and shareholders – recently victimized include US Steel, Alcoa, Target, Michael’s, SuperValu and Home Depot. Governments are also susceptible

"An Emergency Room Wired for the 21st Century"

New technologies are giving emergency room (ER) staff, patients and caregivers quick, reliable, and secure access to information and care when seconds count.

"Escalating Risks from Cyberthreats"

It is sometimes startling to remember that only a decade ago, cybersecurity was almost an afterthought for corporate leaders around the globe. Today, few topics are more present and pressing in C-suites and boardrooms than that of cybersecurity.

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